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Well, if I was any more relaxed today, I would have been in a coma. In fact I probably was for most of the day. I got up much later than usual and it was a struggle to wake up. Quite obviously, I slept very well indeed.

I come from a family that worries. If there is nothing to stress us out, we find something to worry about.

Small wonder that I rarely have a good night’s sleep. And here I blame it on drinking too much during the day and waking too often at night. I think that there is nothing to worry about, but it’s only after having a night like last night that I realize that something definitely was on my mind and is no longer a cause for concern.

Yes, there has been something bothering me, but no, I am not going to divulge any details right now. Needless to say, I might have a solution, but it is going to take a heck of a lot of work to get the ball rolling. Hopefully I can share some of the secret before the end of next week. All I will say for now is that the writing bug has bitten, big time. And the plan I have in mind could help with some of the dreams I have.

The problem now is, deciding what I want to do when and finding time to do everything!

So having my mind shut down for a day was a good thing. I did absolutely nothing that required more thought than putting food in my stomach and an episode of my favourite series on my PC screen. And somewhere in between, I crawled back into bed for a few extra hours sleep.

Tomorrow, it is back to work. DJ gig to do. Lots of writing. And write a task list so that I do not forget anything else …