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You would think that by now I had written enough about the TV series, Haven. We all agree that it is a great show and has a strong underlying humour. But after the most recent episode, the plot has thickened, leaving us with even more questions than answers. It is definitely shaping up to a cracker of a season finale. Two more weeks, and we will be begging for its return.

This episode, “Business as Usual” is supposedly the last episode of a 4-episode arc featuring WWE Superstar, Edge. What happens to Adam Copeland’s character, Dwight, after this is anyone’s guess. But it is sheer torture to leave us fans guessing like this after the much-anticipated showdown between him and Duke Crocker, played by Eric Balfour.

There are far too many unanswered questions and I am probably not the first to say that he needs to come back to try and help answer some of them as the season draws to a close.

Something is fishy and the more we watch, the more we see that certain people know a lot more than what they let on. The Teague brothers , Vince and Dave, are prime examples. Vince wants to keep things hush hush, while Dave is keen for the town to know its secrets. Their clashes are bound to come to a head soon.

Another person that seemed to know a heck of a lot was the Rev. Chief Wournos, before he died as well. While Rev tried to take control, Chief was quite happy to sit back and let Nathan and Audrey investigate on their own.

Now, Audrey has uncovered even more about her past. Or has she? Questions that my friend and I are asking include, is she troubled herself? If yes, then what are her troubles? Why are people, including the Rev and her FBI boss, so interested in having her around Haven? What is the role that she is supposed to play?

Are you now as confused as I am? Believe me, I have only touched the surface. There is so much more I want to write about but fear spoiling it for fans who are a few episodes behind. Two more episodes and we will be left chewing our nails to stumps, wondering what the third season has in store. Let’s hope that Eric Balfour releases that gag reel, to help relieve some of the stress while we wait …