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Seems to be a regular theme in my blog and crops up fairly regularly as I get older. Question is, whether it is health related, or just me just enjoying life too much to go to bed. Then getting irritable from lack of sleep.

I totally forgot about my blog last night. I’ve not felt much like writing today either. For some reason, every muscle in my back went into a spasm not long after dinner. Thankfully it did not happen at work or on the way home and I was able to self-medicate and take a nap while they kicked in.

I did not sleep more than an hour. Mostly because I wanted to watch Smackdown and also did not want to spoil my sleep later.

I know Nate told me that WWE decided not to broadcast the “Edge Appreciation” evening that they recorded in Toronto, but I am still hoping that it is broadcast anyway. If they don’t show it next week, I guess they will be holding it back after all, to release it in some DVD next year.

I know I did not follow Adam’s wrestling career. But it does not stop me from keeping up with what he is doing now. Anything to see the man behind the screen name. The one whose story has been such an inspiration and fueled me to pursue my own dreams.

I am itching to let you in on what I have planned. But certain events have to play out first. And that is what is driving me insane. I want things to start happening. I want the space to pursue these projects. Or dreams, as they should be called. A phonecall to my sister recently has sparked another idea which I want to pursue in conjunction with my primary project, but as I said, I need the space to work.

Patience is another underlying theme in this blog. Or rather, the lack of. Things need to start happening now. Like soon!