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It is after 9:30 in the morning and I am still trying to wake up. I went to bed early last night and slept deeply, the whole night through. Considering how much happened yesterday, it is hardly surprising.

I went to see two doctors yesterday. The first was my gynecologist for my hormone treatment. We had a long chat, as usual, and she seemed to think the implant top up would help with the muscle aches and stuff. Little did we both realize that there is a lot more to the story. I still need to phone and tell her.

That took most of the morning, as I went with one of the other House residents, who needed to visit another hospital for medical supplies. I had to wait for her and the driver to fetch me so we could go home.

As soon as we got home, it felt like the energy drained. Home sweet home, able to relax, no need to keep up the energy levels. I suddenly became aware of a major muscle spasm all through my back. Sadly, with another doctor to see, there was no time to lie down and let the spasm pass. I took some pills and off we went.

The first thing we needed to do was have an x-ray and an MRI scan done. Thankfully  they were both done lying down. I got comfortable, cushion under my knees and took the opportunity to relax. Had the noise from the MRI machine been a constant drone, or even a regular thumping sound, I would have probably fallen asleep.

Thankfully, by the end of it all, the muscle spasm had pretty much passed and it was comfortable to sit in my chair again. Michael and I waited to get the test results, and then waited more while I had a CT scan done as well.

Finally, we took everything to the neuro surgeon to have a look at. After a while, called me in and showed me his findings. He explained how my head was heavy, and because my bone was soft, it was pressing down on my vertebrae in my neck. Behind the vertebrae is my spinal chord. What had happened there was a cavity had formed. I can imagine that in a normal film or x-ray, the chord would look like a thick string behind a person’s vertebrae. In my scan results, you could clearly see the bubble that had formed in the chord. It looked huge. A long fat bubble where a plain white chord should have been.

The tenseness in my neck, knots in my shoulders, pins and needles in my left leg. Even the numbness and clumsy feeling in my right hand can be explained by this. Who knows what else is wrong with me that can also be explained by this problem.

But it also explains my lethargy of late. While it has probably been developing over time, it has been getting worse. When you don’t feel well, you tire easily. I just thought it was carpal tunnel, a pinched nerve or even a problem from not sleeping well.

My case seems rather unique. The doctor now has to do some research before we schedule the operation. He wants to trim away some bone from the bottom of my skull. I will keep you updated of any new developments