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So, tonight, I went and looked up Adam Copeland on YouTube. You probably know him better as WWE Superstar Edge. Last year, he captured my attention in an episode of Sanctuary. I wrote about it in an entry called “Edge of Heaven“.

I was blown away to see his hair cut so short. Shorter than short. But he was still looking good. Retirement is good for him. He looks less stressed. The video I watched was for his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. He spoke about the people who had supported him, and once again, of his dream to be able to buy his mother a house. Which he achieved.

Once again, I was filled with admiration for this humble guy who had come so far. It has reminded me of the things I wanted to achieve and the dreams and plans I had been making before that spanner got thrown in the works.

That spanner being the problems with my health. Yes, plural. It started with my neck, and then I was admitted to hospitial three times in almost as many months with chest infections earlier this year. The doctor thinks my chest wall has been compromised because of the scoliosis in my spine. Since I don’t breathe properly, it puts strain on my heart, which in turn puts strain on my lungs. Vicious circle. But since I now sleep with an oxygen tube, I have been fine.

The wheels seriously came off somewhere along the line and my wagon fell over. Somehow, I need to pick myself up and take stock. Reevaluate, readjust and set some new goals. I still want to meet Adam. If I do not accomplish anything else, it does not matter. It feels like something that is meant to be.