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And so am I. I have a mean streak in me. I try to keep it hidden, but every now and then, it still shows. I just cannot help it.

Last week, one of our older residents passed away. Her funeral was on Friday. It was in Afrikaans, but I went anyway. Cilia was loved by many and we had several things in common.

I said “by many” because there was one person there who should never have shown his face. Public Enemy #1. Had he ever given a damn about anyone, he would never have played his music so loud, so frequently. Cilia’s health was bad for a long time, so she was often resting in bed. Had he really cared, he would have kept it down, so she could keep her door open.

Then her room would not have been so warm in summer. She could have called for help more easily. And her cats would have had easier access.

You can imagine my anger when I saw him there. I wanted to slap and yell at him. How dare he when he had no respect for anyone?

I also said Karma is a bitch. It is true when they say, “What goes around, comes around.”

Right now, our detested Public Enemy #1 is waiting for an ambulance, feeling very sick and vomiting. Once again, out all weekend partying. I would not be surprised if he has overdosed on something. I will have to wait to see what happens…

Personal opinion is that Cilia is haunting him from the grave.