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This series is not really anything to write home about. It’s another paranormal series with ghosts, demons, zombies and whatever else. If the Winchesters did not cover it in Supernatural, then some other series did.

It is another vampire series. No surprise there. The basic storyline has a private investigator, Vicki, being drawn into the supernatural world, where she meets the young, charismatic vampire, Henry Fitzroy. Keeping with the traditional vampire role, he is hundreds of years old, and cannot go out in the sunlight. He is pretty much a typical vampire. Nothing special.

So, why did I find myself watching the series twice in one week?

I will blame it all on Henry’s handsome, bad boy image. Did I mention that he has magnetic blue-green eyes, that just capture your attention, along with a stunning smile that oozes boyish charm? How Vicki remains oblivious to his sometimes not so subtle advances is beyond me. If it were me, I would melt the moment our eyes met, never mind when he leans in close, lips so close as he whispers sweet nothings.

One thing I noticed, which I do not recall with other actors is how he expresses emotion so well. From wry amusement and sensual moments to determination, cold anger and disappointment, Kyle Schmid has played this character so well.

The acting from the whole cast has been great. The plots were easy to follow, and the underlying story and cast interaction were good. All in all, this is a series that I will be watching again soon.