My pets

Fayth – 25 June 1997 – 2 May 2007

Fayth was a Golden Retriever. She was trained by the South African Guide-dog Association (SAGA) to help me, since I am in a wheelchair. She was a Service Dog. She could pick things up, open and close a door, carry the shopping, pay for groceries and turn on a light. Most of her training I let slide, but she always took great pleasure in carrying things for me.

She retired at Christmas, 2006, and longer went to work with me. She enjoyed relaxing at home, being annoyed senseless by TJ, her constant, adoring companion. Unfortunately, we found out in May 2007 that she had cancer and had to be put down.


TJ – June 2005 – Present

TJ was adopted when he was about 4 months old. Just before Christmas of 2005. He is a mix-breed, about the size of a Jack Russel and has bundles of energy. He  was a handful as a puppy, but excelled when it came to the role we needed him to play – being a companion for Fayth. He adored her.

He developed into a wonderful pet and is now living with Marc.

Pumba – 2005 – Present

We adopted Pumba from the Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre on 9th June, 2007. We are not sure of his age. He has settled in well and is a great addition to the family, despite a rocky start where each dog tried to establish their position in the pecking order. TJ and Pumba are now great friends and have great fun playing together. Especially at bed time.

He and TJ will remain brothers to the end and share their days with Marc.

Gemma – December 2009 – Present

Meet my first cat. Everybody should have one, at least once. She is totally different from all the dogs that I have had. A constant companion, following me at every opportunity and demanding attention even when I am not in the mood to give.

Pictures (2)

Yanky – 19 July 2008 – Present

Meet my second Service Dog, also trained by SAGA. We met for the first time in June 2010, a month shy of his second birthday. I don’t remember Fayth being a handful like Yanky was, but she more than likely gave me uphill too. He still tries his luck, but not as badly as before. We have grown into a good team and neither let the other forget how much we love each other.


5 thoughts on “My pets”

  1. Oh my gosh- your dogs are so beautiful! I know that if I ever get another dog it will be a golden retreiver…Cody needs a friend while Im at work…however, until I can get a solid place with a yard it will most likely be a cat. Sigh.

  2. Your dogs are beautiful! Are they high maintenance?

  3. DreamGirl^ said:

    Your dogs are gorgeous !!
    Enjoy them as they enjoy you :))

  4. Novindran said:

    Hi Truds

    Hope all is well, your Dogs a fantastic.
    Wish you everything of the best…

  5. Good looking pack. They all look like “CALMO DOGS”. Dogs that are well trained, well fed, overly loved and part of the family.

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