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My journal entries started on a website that I created back in 2004. This site was started in April 2007. It is nothing fancy. Just a place for me to sit and write down my thoughts and express who I am. I think a good description could be found under the blog entry “Why this blog?

I never thought I would, but occasionally, I do go back in my journal entries and read what I have written. It is actually surprising how much one forgets as time goes by. This for me has been a good way to write down memories, though I have kept away from writing about many of the bad ones.

There have been several “quiet” spots where either I got bored, or there were things happening that I just did not want to write about. Maybe I should have continued writing during those periods, but I can’t go back and change that now.

My reader base is growing, though and I think I have grown as a person. Two reasons, I am hoping, will motivate me to continue writing. Another reason is that I just really enjoy writing. Also, it is a means for friends and family to keep updated with what is happening. I am terrible at phoning and writing people.

Maybe, also, I will make a few new friends along the way …


2 thoughts on “This blog”

  1. Hello Trudie,

    My name is Ulrike. I am married to your uncle, Anton.

    Although we have never met, I have heard so much about you. Whenever anyone in the family speaks of you, they speak of your courage. It is clear that they hold you in the highest of regard.

    Should you wish to make contact with us, please e-mail me at

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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