Special Events

These will be pictures (mostly) of various events that have happened in my life.

30 May 2007

Do you know how many attempts it took to get this picture right? It was so frustrating with my slow little tourist camera, but in the end, it was worth the wait. Since I was (and am) in a wheelchair, we had to sit in the front row. We had been warned that Domino was always on the prowl for cameras and prams. He saw me and I got soaked. Thankfully, the camera survived.

26 June 2007

That night, it snowed. It was an amazingly beautiful sight to see, which I blogged about the next day. It was truly awesome and transformed our garden into something out of a dream. Driving to work next day and seeing everything covered in a blanket of white was something else. Though I could not help but notice how the trees were white one side and green on the other. Unfortunately, our garden did not fare too well and one bush will have to be radically pruned before the beginning of spring.


1 thought on “Special Events”

  1. hey T!
    good to see you writing sweets…and that book or journal idea, i say “go with it”!
    hey maybe youll become rich and i know you inspire alot of people including all us at CSC!

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