Cell Pics

I used to take a lot of pictures with my cellphone. Some did not come out as well as others.

Baby TJ Sleeping TJ TJ on Blanket
These are the earliest I have of TJ, back in late 2005.

Fayth having Fun Checking things out Lets rest
When I still took Fayth to work with me, there was a lovely patch of grass that I used to take her to for our lunch hour. These are some pictures of her chilling out.

Relaxing Smile Relaxing2
These are more pictures of Fayth relaxing during lunch. The last picture is of another area near work that I used to take her to.

Nap Time Little Baby Bliss
These are the last few of the best images taken from my cellphone. The middle one is one of the first I took of TJ. Before we even adopted him.


2 thoughts on “Cell Pics”

  1. ha! I love these! It is so adorable when the dogs love to roll in the grass. I love secretly watching Cody out the window while he is in the grass- its so cute! Aw- makes me want to get another dog….hmmm.

  2. Red Kid said:

    WOW! Cool dogs! How I would love to have a dog like one of these!
    Nice shots too.

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