Wedding Pics (2)

We had several more photographs taken after the ceremony.

The reception was held at Thatchwoods, which is a lovely restaurant, next door to the Kragga Kamma Game Park. Below is a picture of the sign at the entrance and a picture of our wedding cake, which was made of chocolate.

More pictures were taken outside, with our families. The first picture is of Marc’s family. From the left, Laura, who is Ulf’s girlfriend. Ulf. Marc. Gaby, Marc’s Mom and Tasmin, Sven’s girlfriend. Sven was taking the photo.

There is us with my grandmother, and then a picture of my side of the family. From the left, my cousin, Nicole. My sister, Sandra and my brother, Andrew and my folks, Gillian and Gareth. Marc is in the front with me.

Between meals (it was a set menu with a choice of thre starters, main meals and desserts. Don’t ask me what we had), we had speeches from Gareth, Ulf and Marc.


1 thought on “Wedding Pics (2)”

  1. Mike Oettle said:

    Hi, Trudie — my apologies for being so behindhand, but I only discovered your wedding pictures this evening.
    They are beautiful, and I thank God that you are happily married.
    And it was just around the corner from me!

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