Wedding Pics (3)

Below are more pictures of the family. The second row are pictures of Philip, Belinda and their two children, Morgan and Megan. Unfortunately, the main picture was a little dark and brightening it did not work that great.

The last two pictures are of Gareth’s family. Uncle Leo, with Aunty Ruth and Aunty Elaine, and then with his wife, Inge.

Vaughn has his own paramedic company, in Uitenhage. Marc often used to work with him, doing paramedic duty at school rugby and stock car races as well as other events. The lady with Vaughn is his mom, Colleen.

Janet was my best friend since I was two years old. The first picture is of her and her husband Jeff. The guy between them is Michael, a friend of my mother’s since school days. Had it not been for him, I’d never have had Fayth.

Below are more pictures of our guests.

After the the reception was done, it was time to cut the cake.

And then, it was all over. Laura tied a few cans to the back of the car, but we removed them when we were out of sight of the restaurant.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Pics (3)”

  1. kelly waters (hairdresser) said:

    wow! u looked fabulous!!!!!

  2. SerialWhisperer said:

    way cool thanks for share’n

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