Wedding Pics (1)

I have already blogged about my wedding here (25/07/07), so I will apologise if a lot of this sounds like a re-hash. I would have needed a whole gig worth of space to upload all my pictures at original quality. Since I am limited with space, I chose the best pictures and have uploaded them here.

As you recall, I had my hair done first thing on June 3rd, at Million Hairs, in Westering. There were 5 roses in my hair, as well as four hairpins with beads on, which Tasha had made for me. Unfortunately, I could not wear the matching necklace, since it did not match the pattern on my dress.

wedding001.jpg wedding001a.jpg wedding001b.jpg

The gentleman in the first photo is Marc’s brother Sven. Next to him is his girlfriend, Tasmin. Sven was our photographer. Though, I have used photographs from my mother and my best friend, Janet, as well. Sven kind of arrived before I had changed into my dress. I wore a dress from a boutique at Walmer Park Shopping Centre, called Sonet. The dress had butterflies on, like seen in the second picture.

My parents have a rather large back yard, which was already, conveniently divided into two. The one side has a swimming pool. The other contains a small granny flat, with a gorgeous garden for my grandmother (my grandfather passed away 19 November 2006). This is where the following photographs of myself and my family were taken.

In order, the pictures are: myself, me and my mother, Gillian, and my grand mother, Barbara. The third is of myself and my mother and my stepfather, Gareth. The last picture is my brother, Andrew, and his girlfriend. My sister had already left to fetch a friend who was also attending the wedding.

wedding002.jpg wedding004.jpg wedding005.jpg

The wedding was held at the Westering Methodist Church. It was only a short sermon, held by Charmaine, the minister who also did the ceremony when my grandfather passed.

wedding008.jpg wedding009.jpg wedding010.jpg

Gareth walked (maybe pushed is a better description) me down the aisle. After the ceremony, he and Marc’s father, Ulf, were our witnesses.

wedding011.jpg wedding012.jpg wedding013.jpg


5 thoughts on “Wedding Pics (1)”

  1. aphrael178 said:

    Hi Trudie

    How come I was not in the family photo ???? otherwise beautiful pics to remember a very special day.

  2. Road runner said:

    Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing :).

  3. PREDATOR said:

    Awesome pictures and you look lovely lucky man your husband !

    Be blessed


  4. unabridgedgirl said:

    Aww! I love the flowers in your hair!

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