What’s to say that’s news today? Pretty much nothing at all. It’s month end, so we didn’t go out. I did nothing of any significance, except a couple loads of laundry (all big things, like jerseys and sheets, leaving the small things like underwear and my clothes for the maid tomorrow. Yes, I was lazy and did not feel like sitting hanging things on the line.)

Yesterday was the last day of an online game, which I play on mIRC, which is an Internet Relay Chat programme. Admin went crazy with cash, so a couple of us players went mad and tried to level as much as possible. A bit stupid, I know. Pointless really.

Today, I’ve been playing Caesar IV again. I’m stuck on the 7th tier of the Republican scenario, called Carthago. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve restarted it now. This time round, I’ve decided not to hoarde cash, but to use it as I get it while trying to maintain a minimum balance of around 7k. So far, it’s working and I’m halfway to achieving my goal. Hopefully, tomorrow, or soon, I’ll win.

My African Violet’s flowers have finally opened. On the one plant alone, there’s 4-5 stalks with 4 flowers on each stalk. The first flower has finally opened. Eventually. Today. I could have sworn that I bought 2 blues and one purple flowering plants and planted them in opposite coloured pots. Instead, I’ve got a purple flower in a purple pot. A slight technicality, but they’re still beautiful all the same.

That one looks like it will be flowering for a while. There’s a second with flowers still coming, but nothing on the third.

Pumba nearly drove us mad today. I don’t know what was wrong with him, but he kept barking at absolutely nothing. From first thing this morning until mid afternoon, either Marc or myself would be yelling at him to shut up. Eventually, I closed the front door, so that he wouldn’t run outside and bark, but even then, he’d walk up and down the corridor making grumbling little woof noises. Maybe it was the kids playing outside, but he was restless even before that.