As I write this, I am sitting in a meeting which I don’t see any point to. I am so tired, even though I slept better last night than the night before.

The reason I’m sleeping so badly is because my grandmother is in hospital. Without going into detail (though certain close friends will know what I’m talking about), the doctors found a problem, which was removed yesterday, with surgery. The operation went well, but I am still worried about her. Within a year, she has lost her husband, found that she can’t have her second knee op because of osteoporosis (or something similar) and now this op.

The other one that is not handling things well is Honey. She is Mum’s chihuahua, though she looks like a miniature pinscher in markings and has an attitude to match that of her giant cousin. She picked up immediately that something was wrong when Mum first heard the news and would not leave her side.

I was online last night, speaking to a friend of my brother’s. He was telling me how he and Andrew have started cycling together again. I couldn’t help but laugh when he told me that he tried to pet Honey recently and she tried to bite him. He thought that maybe she did not like Chinese people, but I told him that was how she reacted when she was upset about something.

But then, she’s always been like that. A grumpy little thing – and very protective. When we still took her to the beach with us, as a baby, we had to warn people not to touch her, since she nipped and drew blood on several occasions.  Eventually, my grandparents started leaving her at home, because she became so protective of who ever she was with.

After my grandfather passed, she went through a very bad phase, since she was his dog and he was no longer around. She tore open rubbish bags, ran away a few times and even tried to bite anyone that came to visit, something she did not normally do. It took her a while, but she did settle again, but now she may be acting out again, since Mum is in hospital. She’ll be out on Friday, so hopefully things will settle down again then.