I guess the only good thing about today is that I got to go home early. Marc dropped me off early because he had work to do and was not sure what time he was finishing. You won’t believe this, but he’s still there, at 21:00.

I came home and messed around on the computer for a while, before moving a small table outside to put my African Violets out in the fading sunlight. I’ve moved two of them from the bedroom to the lounge, on that new table and the flowers look brighter and deeper than when I had them in the bedroom, in artificial light. Taking pictures of them is also now showing their true colours.

I tried doing a little research about whether they can handle being planted outside (still thinking about that window box idea) but still only came up with the fact that they’re house plants. Maybe I’ll try posting a thread on myADSL tomorrow about it, but I somehow don’t think it would be a good idea having them vulnerable to the rain. In the meanwhile, all three plants are now in the lounge ready to be moved outside tomorrow evening, if I get home early enough.

So, I went out with my camera again to take pictures. With the dogs out in the yard, I had to make a plan to stop TJ running out the gate. He quite happily jumped into my wheelchair as I rode out the gate, turned round and made him jump off again. No problems at all. It was not long before I had to return, though, since my batteries ran flat and I had to get a spare set. Getting in and out of the yard again was no problem.

I saw Oliver while I was out and for the first time, I was actually concerned about his well-being. There was a food bowl down, where he normally gets fed, but it was empty. The old dog next door was out, so whether that one ate it, or the cats (there are two strays that the lady feeds), I don’t know. I need to catch the lady one evening after work and suggest that we contact an organization called “Friends of the Cat” (Emile mentioned it to me last week) to pick the cats up, so that they can get better care and a loving home. Unfortunately, I can’t take either of them because of our dogs.

Earlier this evening, after I returned from shooting various pictures , I was working on the computer and happened to look down at my ring. My one tanzanite stone has disappeared. It somehow came loose from its setting and fell out. I immediately phoned Marc, at work, very upset and he says we’ll sort it out. I just hope it does not cost too much 😦

This is Honey, they dog that I told you about in last night’s entry. She looks really sweet in this picture, but don’t let her looks fool you. She is a menace, especially with food around. If you look closely, you can see her tongue sticking out. It always sticks out. It’s just the length that’s visible that varies. It’s so funny, because when she wakes from a nap, her tongue is all dry and feels like a piece of paper.