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It’s been a little longer than I would like since my last blog update. There have been several reasons. Busy. Not in the mood. Things on my mind that I still have not fully processed. Also rather tired, but hopefully I’ll go to bed early tonight. Not that I haven’t been going to bed early lately. Maybe I just need to go to bed earlier than usual.

This week, Marc and I have been back at head office, instead of working from our new base, in Sandton. He’s had some stuff to sort out and tomorrow we’re back there again … I think.

Since I’m in a wheelchair, we are able to park in a disabled parking spot in the basement. We got down to the car last night, and as usual, I look around, checking how many cars are left. Sometimes, if we leave late, there are so few cars left that you could almost play a mini tennis match.

Anyway, last night, I saw something in one of the cars that totally freaked me out. There was nobody in the car, but hanging over the front seat, on the passenger side was an exact replica of that freaky outfit from the movie “Scream”. Black cape, white mask and all, just showing from above the dashboard.

Needless to say, I got into that so fast and locked that door! I could not take my eyes off it and think I would have screamed if it started moving.

On the way home again today,  I saw it. It still spooked me, but did not feel anywhere as bad as last night. I have a feeling I know whose car that is and must remember to find him at work tomorrow ….