What a kind soul my little Gem is. She really did not want me to be late for work this morning and woke me up some time after 4:30 by relieving herself in her litter box. And what a fragrant one it was too! One really does not want to get up at that time of the morning, so I was grateful that the litter box was at one end of the bed and my head at the other.

You can imagine what the first thing was that I did when my alarm finally did go off. Preparing to leave was fun and 40 minutes always flies back faster than I expect. Luckily, Gem was content with watching my activity from the safety of the bed, or I would have been extremely delayed, ensuring I did not hurt her under my wheels.

After ensuring that she was safe and secure with enough food and water, I was off to work where I either thought too much about her or boasted about my precious acquisition.

Eventually it was time to go home and even as young as she is, she was delighted to see me return. I don’t think she ate much while I was gone, because that was the first thing she did.

Between having another braai with the residents again, my time was mostly spent with Gem. She is learning daily. Today, she leaped from the floor to the top of the waste paper basket and then promptly fell inside. She did not need my assistance getting out again and was quickly exploring the bedroom again.

I am surprised that she shows little interest in toys, except for the one triangular mouse. Maybe it’s her age, or she’s just content in exploring her surroundings. Whatever the case, she is quite exhausted now, since I have not let her sleep much since getting home. It is now time for her and I to get a very early night.