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I did not even go to bed that late. Though I did lie there for quite a while, with my eyes closed, kicking my feet under the blanket for Gemma to play with. She finally got bored and decided to go to sleep. She has chosen my large feather pillow as her sleeping spot. I usually throw it up against the curtain and use something else to sleep on, just below it. All I have to do when I wake in the middle of the night is look up and confirm that she is sleeping near.

I got up early this morning. Think I woke just before my alarm. In my tired state now, I can’t remember what I did this morning, but remember getting ready and being full of energy. As soon as I got to work, though, it was like that energy suddenly disappeared.

Jenny suggested that it might be lack of challenge in my work. I agreed, but also felt like there were other factors as well. Transport being a major issue. Thankfully, though, I think it’s sorted out. Hercie and Cilia have discussed it with most of the other residents and they are fine with me being picked up in the afternoon.

So that’s one less thing to worry about. The other is that I hate having a manual wheelchair at work, but it’s something I can work on going forward.

I would have gotten home from work early today, except Michael got a call as he was fetching me. Nita’s car had broken down and she needed fetching from Midrand. Then we still had to go to Woolworths in Sunninghill. Traffic was a nightmare and we were on the road for ages. I secured my wheelchair and managed to doze for a bit, but it’s not a comfortable chair to nap in.

Hopefully tomorrow proves better, since I don’t have to wake up as early as today…