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The sun has set and the birds are quiet. Gemma is yawning as one by one, the residents of Quad House turn in after a busy weekend. Yesterday was more hectic than we initially realized and we all took it easy today. Even the staff.

Hercie, Cilia and I took the opportunity to meet up with a friend, Nita, for lunch at Cresta and did a little shopping while we were there. I visited five different shops and still bought a few groceries within an hour. Half the shops were at one end of the mall and the rest at the other, so I think I made good time.

I am still looking for a new bag to carry my Kindle, cellphone and wallet. I have a bag, which is a bit bulky for just those three items. I usually keep my laptop and all accessories in it. It does prove useful, though, for carrying my lunch to work with me.

I saw a bag which looked promising, at an outdoors shop. It is not exactly what I want, though, albeit cheap as it is. I may keep looking and see if we can go to another shopping centre in the weeks to come.

Yesterday was not too hectic for me, but I still had an exceptionally lazy day today. I did not even pick up my camera. Instead, I am decorating this blog entry with pictures of my blog stats, as promised earlier in the week.

Up above, you can see how erratic my hits are one day to the next. On a weekly basis, there seems to be a generally upward trend, while it is too early to tell what it will be like on a monthly basis. However, I am pleased to see that I have received over 1,000 hits this month and it is nowhere near over.

As mentioned before, I try to make a point of posting messages on three new blogs per day, in an effort to generate more traffic to my site. I have not been doing that for the last few days, but the hits are still coming in from somewhere.

I still need to get finished with updating the various pages and galleries on this site. Unfortunately, it seems like nobody is interested in viewing Fayth’s pictures. Maybe that is what has put me off creating galleries for my other pets that I’ve had, TJ and Pumba.

Let’s see what this week brings and maybe I’ll work on it over the long weekend coming up. At least it’s only four working days this week.