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Considering that it’s been a long four days and my sleeping pattern is quite out of whack, today was not too bad at all. I was up early, but did not get a chance to bath, since Victor was knocking on my door before 06:10 in the morning, when he said that he would be there at 06:30 sharp. So, once again we are checking who gets ready before who.

Today was not a very hungry day at work and I did not even take a chocolate with me. Though I ended up having half a Crunchie on the way home from Woolworths, after work. And a chocolate Easter egg before bed … Yes, I’m bad, but Woolies chocolate is delicious and I don’t get it often.

I had a meatball sandwich, a bran muffin and a chocolate muffin and that lasted me quite well. Especially considering my beautiful little bar fridge froze my apples and there was no time to make Pro Nutro before I left. I’ve adjusted the temperature again. It seems to like 3ºC for some reason. Unfortunately, my food has yet to thaw. Hopefully it does by morning. Maybe I should take a couple apples out now …

Gemma is still as adorable as ever. She is extremely cuddly during the hour or so after I get home and settle at the computer. I have not been taking many pictures lately, and still need to show you the “ladder” that we made outside. I thought I had a shot of that, but don’t. I was planning to sit and read in the garden today, but didn’t get round to that either. Time just ran away from me …

She is now lying on the floor, a helpless moth trapped between her paws, struggling desperately to get airborne as she toys with her prey. She is fascinated as it flutters round in circles. So much more entertaining than a ball, or a catnip mouse. She swats it around a bit more, then tries to eat it. I think the wings tickle her mouth. It still lives as it tries to make another escape.  It has disappeared. Whether Gemma has eaten it, or it managed to crawl out of reach, I don’t know.

Either way, we are off to bed. Good night. Sleep tight.

PS, that picture above is Gemma looking up at Liquorice, taken a couple weeks ago on my cellphone. This was before I gave up trying to get them to play together.