Sometimes, it can really frustrate me, being in a wheelchair, but other times, it can be rather fun too. Don’t ask me to get technical, I don’t know the how and why, but at work, riding around in my wheelchair seems to generate a rather nice static charge. Especially now that it’s winter. I get a huge kick out of touching someone on the hand or arm and seeing them jump. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it is really funny.

Now, if I can just pursuade Marc to give me a kiss while we’re both statically charged!

Not that it will happen any time soon. Today was our last day at work for a while. We are now officially on holiday until 13th June. I have already washed one load of laundry, which is now sitting in front of the heater, drying out. That was our jerseys, and my jacket and blanket. Tomorrow, the rest of the stuff goes in the wash, nice and early so that Marc can hang out the linen before he goes to take TJ to kennels and geocaching again. I can’t decide whether to go with him, so that I can see where TJ will be spending the next 2 weeks, or stay at home, so that I can catch up on my Animal Cop episodes.

Not that I have any doubts that TJ won’t be comfortable and safe – the brat is going to have a private garden and heated kennel. He’s even going to be fed chicken and rice in the evenings.

Even though I knew who won, I watched the final episode of American Idol last night. I had a sneaking suspicion that she would win. Don’t get me wrong, she has an excellent voice and she really did deserve it. But I have seen a pattern forming over the last 3 seasons that I have watched . It’s always a male VS a female. And they seem to alternate the gender of the winner. Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and now Jordin Sparks.

It will be interesting to see which Idol we hear from next. According to the results show, Carrie has won numerous awards and sold over 6 million records in America alone. Yet we have barely heard of her here in South Africa. Her song “Inside Your Heaven” was heard for a few brief weeks, and nothing since. As mentioned before, Chris Daughtry, on the other hand, is doing a heck of a lot better. I did not realise until the finale that the song they played after another Idol was voted out, was written (or co-written) and sung by him.

As you have noticed, I’ve changed the look of my site. I have always preferred a 2-column style, rather than 3. This one looks quite nice, though will need more personalising in the near future. Maybe I’ll be able I’ll be able to find a nice picture tomorrow, or ask someone to design something for me.