… I just don’t see it. What I mean is that the pressure is building for my folks, since my mother is such a perfectionist. And for Marc. I don’t know why, but every time, we come down here, Marc gets incredibly tense and we have at least one arguement. Last night, he finally blew. We’d had a lovely evening with Gaby and Sven (Marc’s mother and brother) as well as myself and Marc going over to my parents’ house for dinner. We’d had a great evening chatting, but he must have been tired, or had a lot on his mind, because he blew up for no explicable reason and we continued to argue all the way home and even after we got inside. Home being Gaby’s house. He then left again and drove around, to blow off steam.

Today is a lot better and we had a nice shopping trip and went to see a lawyer for an ante-nuptial agreement. Considering that we’re getting married on Sunday and documents have to go through a court in Johannesburg before we exchange our vows, he’s going to pull some strings to get it done. That’s my understanding, but I’ve probably gotten it all confused … Like maybe the documents have to go to Cape Town first, I don’t know, but it’s all sorted and we don’t have to worry, which is the main thing.

It’s been 3 days since I wrote a blog entry. It’s just been amazingly busy. We wake up late. I mean, why not, we’re on holiday. We go out and then are tired when we get home. Marc’s now out with Vaughn, helping out with some paramedic work, which has given me a chance to catch up.

On Tuesday, it was Marc’s birthday. We took Gaby and Sven through to Greenacres and walked around and watched Spiderman 3 (we weren’t as impressed with it as the previous movies) and then left Sven and Gaby to walk around some more while we went to meet up with my mother at the hairdressers for a styling which I was not totally keen on to start with, though I’m very happy with it now. We are all going back to the hairdressers on Sunday morning to have our hair done before the wedding. I heard whispers about my hair having colours, or something, but we were already halfway out the door, on the way to fetch Sven and Gaby again, so that we could have dinner at the beachfront.

We decided to have a delicious dinner at El Greco’s, at the Boardwalk. It’s a Greek restaurant, and the food was delicious. I don’t remember what everyone ate, but it’s definitely a place I’ll be going to again. After we ate, Marc wanted an ice-cream, which we got from Dulce Cafe. We stopped by the lake, in the middle of the Boardwalk and I was talking to Marc about the pair of ducks that have made the Boardwalk their home. (How they’ve not been killed and eaten by the locals, I don’t know. Security do a good job of looking after them and they have raised several families of ducklings over the years.) I was saying to Marc that we should go there during the day, so that we could see the babies, when I’d realised they would have flown away already. But true as bob, a solitary duck swam out of the darkness and bobbed in the water below us while Marc and Sven threw pieces of their sugar cone into the water.

We finished the evening with a walk along the beachfront and along the pier. Marc took a couple pictures of the lights along the shoreline. More pictures that I’ll add to the gallery when I get back to my PC at home, in Johannesburg.

Yesterday was fun. We woke up late went out, to the museum and oceanarium. I’m glad that I did not bath before I left, because during the dolphin show, dear old Domino decided to pick on us and splashed us soaking wet several times. We were warned, since he likes to splash large cameras, prams and wheelchairs. That is one clever dolphin! Thankfully, my mother had some dry clothes for me which I changed into before we ate supper.

The rest you already know, from reading the beginning of this entry, though there’s probably little details I’ve left out, like the fact that we double-checked table arrangements before leaving, after dinner last night. Anyhow, time to upload these entries. I’ll keep you updated…