After spending most of last night in bed, I can say that I am getting better. My throat still feels dry and each breath sounds like it’s grating through my throat. I actually wanted to go home early yesterday, but decided to stick it out, since I had a meeting in the mid afternoon. I have the honour (yet again) of sitting on the Transformation Committee at work. Specifically because I will be representing people with disabilities in our department. I find meetings pointless, don’t know what I will even contribute to the committee, but hey, I’ve been roped in.

I should have sent my apologies and gone home to sleep, but felt that I shouldn’t, because the committee was being led by the new head of Card Division at the bank. Call me stupid, but I did not want to give him the wrong impression by not showing up for the first meeting. Not that much happened (not that I could hear much with this ear of mine), everyone just introduced themselves and discussed what was on their mind about what Transformation was and where the committee should head.

I finally went home and went straight to bed. For the first couple hours, it felt like I did not sleep at all, but I did. By 22:30, I was feeling better, but chose to stay in bed and sleep the rest of the night through. Marc did not have such a good night, though. It seems that I kept him awake a lot with noises that I was making.

My desk is an absolute mess. I don’t even know what is in this junk pile. I cleared a shelf in my cupboard by putting more books on my bookshelf (I seem to have some missing, but hopefully I’ll find them tomorrow). Somewhere between clearing the books and packing the stuff in the cupboard, I got side-tracked. It tends to happen quite easily and my desk is still a mess.

One of the things that I did do was find a picture to place across the top of my blog. It is a picture of Fayth’s eye. It’s something different and will have to make do until I find something better. My first choice was a picture of myself and Fayth in the garden, but it was too narrow and became blurred when stretched to fit across the full width of the page.

You may have noticed that I deleted the Guestbook. After over a month, no comments have been left in it, so I removed it. And then, I created a page about OI. You can read all about it under “I have OI …” More pages will be added to this site as I get ideas. In the meanwhile, please leave some comments about what you would like to see here, or know about me.

Oh, and Pumba’s guts cannot handle cheese. Each time we’ve given him a piece, he’s brought it up a short while later. The last time, it was over the bottom of our bed. I don’t think we’ll be giving him too much human food. One good thing is that he handles fairly well on a leash. He does tend to pull, but he’s not as strong as TJ, nor does he stop and go too much. His pulling is steady, like he’s trying to catch up to Marc and TJ. Jesse, my staffie, used to do the same thing, except she just preferred to be at the end of her leash, with no slack given.

I think I’ll be asking Marc to take the dogs for walks fairly regularly, so that my arm can get a bit of exercise. But, next time, he must not take them through the bush at the bottom of the complex. They are covered in blackjacks which will not come out of the thick fur behind their ears. They will have to go to the grooming parlour on Monday.