It’s only been two days since I last wrote in my blog, but it feels longer. Probably because I wrote it while at work, rather than at home. I just felt so hemmed in that day and needed some form of release, since there was no way I could just leave and do what I wanted. I must say that I felt better after that small vent.

This week has been busy at work. I wouldn’t say it’s been hectic, but there has been such a steady stream of work that I have barely had time to think most days. Thankfully, it just hasn’t been too stressful. I guess I have Jean and Jaco to thank mostly for that. Jean and I exchange some lovely e-mails while I do work for her. And Jaco is just a gem on his own. We just seem to connect on some strange level and make each other laugh just when we need it.

Sticking to work for a minute, Jiminy Cricket still lives. Those who are regular readers will remember that we had an annoying cricket living in a plant pot in the department next to ours. He went quiet for a while, then Lloyd found him and moved him to the plants around the circular stairwell. There was not a sound for a long time, then yesterday and today, I heard him again. The people working in the cubicles around there must be going crazy 😀

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I hit another small milestone in my blog. On the 20th, I got 2,500 hits to this blog. Not surprising, considering all the hits I got from people viewing my wedding photos. The crazy numbers have died down now and I’m back to averaging 20-30 hits per day, which is not too bad.

My family will know that I hate the taste of plain water and prefer to drink lemos (a lemon flavoured mix-a-drink), which I normally dilute quite a bit more than what is suggested on the bottle. Recently, though, it’s like a switch has flipped in my brain. I don’t know whether it had anything to do with that Change Management course that I went on last week, where we basically learnt that managing change was all in the mind-set.

I have suddenly started diluting my lemos even more than I did, almost to the point where I cannot taste it at all, and I actually like the flavour. Yesterday was hectic, though, because I was just so thirsty all the time and ended up drinking about 2 litres over the whole day. I paid for it this morning, though and kept needing to dash to the loo. Jean said this was good, though, since my body was purging the excess sugar (hope I got that right)… Today, I’ve drunk half that amount, so my body must be getting used to it.