Good morning. I should have blogged last night, but was not in the mood. It was a very lazy weekend all round. On Saturday, Marc went in to work, so we didn’t go out, which was fine, since we went out on Friday night to celebrate two months of marriage. Plus he’s not been feeling well, so I didn’t want to drag him out when he was not well.

Yes, it’s rather strange that I’m blogging so early in the morning, but after last night’s dream, I couldn’t wait until I got home again. The dream was short, but I could dream of this guy any day! Daniel Craig was in my dreams last night. What was so great was that I actually remembered the dream for once.

In the dream, I was sitting near a pool, after dark. A good looking guy walked past, a few metres in front of me, and I was like hello! Next thing I knew, Daniel Craig was sitting next to me, sort of in front of me. I had the feeling that I was, or had been, lightly tracing my fingers across his back, like we were friends. Whether Marc was there, I don’t know, but he must have been, because I said, “You have such beautiful eyes. That’s why I fell in love with you.” Daniel turned his head to give me a funny look and I said, “No, not you!”

How I got to that dream … I wanted to watch 007 this weekend, but didn’t. Still that superstition thing rearing its head. And I had seen an advert on ActionX about upcoming movies. One of the movies was “Break Down” with Kurt Russel and I had said to Marc that was who he had reminded me of and he had such gorgeous eyes, just like Kurt Russel.

Not much else happened this weekend. I lined up a week’s worth of pictures on my Shutterchance blog. I am actually running out of pictures to share now, since I’m on my more recent images. Another week or two and the picture sharing will grind to a halt.

The only other thing of note that happened this weekend was that Jon happened to find me on IRC again. We first met on a network called KnightNet, where we roleplayed (assumed a character and let the character interact with others, based on a predetermined storyline) in a channel called Avalon. This channel has long since disappeared and its chatters have moved on.

Jon and I were good friends back then and it was great to catch up after over 18 months of not having contact. I won’t count the last time we spoke on Yahoo, about six months ago, because we did not chat about much. He was pressed for time and it felt like we had nothing in common after not having been in touch for so long. You know that awkward feeling where you don’t know what to say. There was nothing like that on Saturday, though. We were chatting as if we had last spoken the week before.

He’d like to meet up for coffee or something, with Marc and I. This is a great idea and I’d really like to meet him, since we’ve only ever chatted on IRC and once or twice on the phone. Thing is, nothing like that is going to happen so long as this petrol strike is on the go. Hopefully the negotiations wind up today with some agreement reached, otherwise we will have a real crisis once everyone’s fuel runs out.