This week, at work, has been a nightmare. Mo is on leave and on Sunday, Lloyd was in an accident. Thankfully, he’s not too seriously hurt. He’s been booked off work, though, and we’re not sure when he’ll be back. So, our team is down to four people. Gerald is helping out a little, but mostly with the administrative things that Lloyd and Mo took care of. Which means that most of the work that is spread over 6 people is down to 4 and this week I was feeling the pressure.

What made it worse is that my body has not been feeling great. Marc made bobotie with lots of raisins, which killed my guts. I thought it was a bug, since I’ve been having an upset stomach on and off for a while, but don’t always like using a pill to dry it up. Typically, about 20min after waking up, I’d suddenly need to go to the loo and that would be the end of it, but yesterday was worse.

So, I decided not to eat anything in the hopes that the bug would clear my system. Instead, by mid afternoon, I was feeling light-headed and shaky and had a headache. Guess who went to the canteen ASAP and got lunch! Even after eating, I was still hungry and shaky. It took a third of a Tempo (chocolate) and a large biscuit for me to feel better. No return of the upset stomach, thankfully.

Today, I was determined not to make the same mistake and when I started feeling hungry at 11:00, went down to the canteen and got an early lunch. I went from starving myself one day to pigging out the next and just wanted to slide under the desk and sleep.

To top it off, I felt like I was under incredible pressure because I had so much work to do and it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. There was always more work coming in and I wasn’t getting any of my existing work done. Finally, at the end of the day, I got some of the filing done, which had been bugging me all week. Even if it’s a small accomplishment, it really made a difference and I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.