So the second day is done and again I’m tired and again, I didn’t sleep well last night. Most probably because I slept yesterday afternoon. Today, I fell asleep during the treatment. It was either that or read my book. I didn’t feel like listening to music.

Once we got home again, I put off sleeping as long as possible, so that I would sleep tonight. But I eventually did have to lie down, if only for half an hour, because of a blinding headache. I don’t want to take any meds, just in case they interfere with the treatment.

Speaking of, today was fun. Not. We got there early again, since we avoided heavy traffic. It wasn’t long before the Aredia was prepared and the drip set up. Problem was, it kept leaking right where the tube connected to my arm. So, they had to take it out and find a new location for the needle. I’m sitting here with it stuck in the back of my left hand, ready for tomorrow’s treatment. We bandaged it up so that it doesn’t come loose. I’m typing with one finger on each hand.

Last night Pumba did not want to sleep next to me, with his head on my arm, like he normally does. I can only speculate as to whether it was because of the needle in my arm or not. I’ll have to wait and see what he does at bedtime tonight. While I was lying down earlier, TJ came to sit next to me for a bit of attention. Both dogs are probably sensing everything is not 100%.

Everything will be back to normal tomorrow and then we’ll just have to wait and see if these aches of mine start going away.