So, I went to the doctor today, for a check up of my arm. We had the x-rays done and while we briefly waited, Marc had a look at the slide on the screen and could immediately see that the bones were not lined up correctly. He got rather upset, thinking that I would require an operation to fix it up.

You see, on Sunday night, I rolled on to my right side and had my arm lying on top of TJ. I almost fell asleep, feeling so comfortable, but then got worried that he’d move and my arm would get hurt. So, I rolled back and tried to use the pillow instead. Somewhere along the way, I did hurt myself a bit. I thought I’d done something quite bad and re-broken my arm.

After speaking to the doctor today, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought. The bone is not aligned correctly, but there is new bone growth forming, filling in the gaps and it is healing well. He told me I can start taking my arm out of the sling for short periods and use it as I feel comfortable. Which is good news. I can now type on the keyboard with both hands, though I’ve been doing this since Friday (I called it cheating, but the doc approved).

Once we got home, we took off the sling for a while and Marc removed the bandages and chopsticks. Doc called them my “Linus blanket”. Well, it worked for me, my arm is on a path back to normal, though a little more bent than it was.

Work today was busy again. I’m enjoying it now, since I’m doing something that I can actually get done. Though I still don’t have admin rights for my PC, which means I cannot install the applications that I need. So I keep asking Marc to send me an updated defect list so that I can try and stay on top of things. I am being kept busy, but really, I hope this admin thing gets sorted out soon.