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I have done a lot of thinking over the last day or two and have come to realise, again, how lucky I am. How lucky I have been. I have a great father (he is my stepfather, but the only father I’ve known).  My grandfather, too, was like a father to me. We all loved him and still do miss him terribly.

My husband, Marc, is such an awesome guy and the envy of all my friends – not only for his good looks.

And once again, I am reminded why I am so glad that I don’t have kids, or don’t want any. Granted, the primary reasons are because of potential health risks and I know I don’t have patience for kids. But at the same time, look around. There are plenty reasons not to have children. The financial implication is just one reason. How do you keep a child safe any more? Look in the paper, watch TV, play computer games. Violence is everywhere. You can try and protect them, but it will impact their lives sooner or later.

If a child cannot be safe in their own home, then what do you do next? I am not laying any blame on my friend – for what happened to her daughter, or for having kids. Even though I’ve not seen her with her children recently, I saw her with her boyfriend’s children from a previous marriage and she was a great mom. My point is, the home should be an oasis from the outside world and a kid’s parents should be the people to love and protect them, not just add to the chaos.

If you read my blog entry from yesterday, you will know that my friend’s two-year-old daughter was raped by her own father. I am not sure of the time line, or how the little girl is doing, but I do know that he is due in court this Friday. Unfortunately, rape of a minor will not get him life in prison, but I am hoping that the Judge puts him away, and that his fellow inmates show him just how despicable an act it is to rape a girl so young.

There are no mitigating circumstances here. No excuses that he can use. He cannot try claim that it was a case of mistaken identity because he was drunk. Nor can he blame it on his cultural heritage. He is not of African descent. You see, here in South Africa, there is a mistaken belief that HIV can be cured by raping a virgin. He cannot even try that excuse. For the sake of those children, Judge, lock him up!!