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You find out exactly who your friends are. The bigger the crisis, the fewer friends will be there to offer their support when you need it most. Amazingly, medical issues do not seem as bad as other situations. Our friend is sick. Let’s take some flowers and cheer her up.

Let it be something like a divorce, a problem at home, or anything else and suddenly, friends are few and far between. People just don’t want to get involved. You know what? You don’t have to. But it sure helps to know that someone is there when you need to step away, even for a few hours, and have lunch, or have a night out. A change is as good as a holiday, but nobody can fight their battles alone.

So, where am I going with all this? I cannot say that it was extremely difficult, but last year had several obstacles for me. I had a partial hysterectomy and then, towards the end of last year, I had my second ovary removed. I am now on hormone replacement. All through this, I had the support of Marc, family, co-workers and friends.

I had not received any reply from the SMS that I had sent my friend on Monday, so last night, I gave her a call, to see how she and the girls were doing. She is going through an incredibly tough time right now, and as per the norm, true friends are very few and far between.

She was mugged at gunpoint, the same day that her little girl was raped. This ex-boyfriend of hers, from what I can tell, is extremely unhappy that she spoke up about the incident (how he can think he could get away with it, I don’t know). He is telling people that she is mentally unstable. There is an even nastier situation going on in the department where she works (along similar lines, questioning her stability) and it seems that nobody is there when she needs them most.

Except for a few friends, and her family. When I phoned her last night, she was having a quiet evening at a local restaurant, which she visits often, having dinner with her family. All her friends go there, and I think it is like one big extended family when you go eat there. Marc and I will be visiting tomorrow night and hopefully, I will have more updates for you then.