After spending most, if not the whole, of last week at Olga’s place, we are back at home and in our own beds. The dogs are back and we have some semblance of normality.

Last week, Marc and I were supposed to have a week’s holiday in Durban. Little by little, the plans crumbled and fell through. The friend we were supposed to stay with had a sudden change of plans and the hotel was fully booked. Better luck next time.

Olga has not been having a good time, as you are aware and was booked off this week for post traumatic stress.

So what did we end up doing? One thing I can say for sure, not enough sleeping. If it wasn’t staying up chatting, watching tv or having a few drinks somewhere, then it was the kids having the occasional bad night and crying at odd hours.

We went out to a few different places as well. There is a large Lifestyle centre in Randburg, with a beautiful nursery. I started buying stuff for a little rockery for in the bathroom, then realised that they did not have the plant that I wanted for the centre piece. So now, everything is sitting on the kitchen counter, with a kiddie’s gardening set (for my small size) just waiting to be planted.

And just my luck, the next shopping centre we went to didn’t have it either. I went to about five different shops, including a hypermarket and a florist, but they did not have those little succulent gift pots with the tags inside that have notes like “Get well soon” or “Thinking of you.” Unfortunately, Port Elizabeth is a bit far to go and fetch the ones that I have at my mother’s place.

But I did find a beautiful canvas bag for my laptop. It was a bit expensive, but considering I don’t buy things like that often, and I needed something of a decent size, I got it. It fits my wallet and cellphone, and two paperbacks, as well as my laptop quite comfortably. All that inside and the bag is still rather lightweight and easy to carry around.