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I have had such an awesome weekend that it really feels like I’ve had a holiday. Yesterday, was that fun day (albeit for the morning only) and the rest of the weekend has been spent just relaxing.

I overslept this morning and then went shopping with Hercie at Pick n Pay. Once the rain stopped, that is. It was a lovely walk and was just great getting out the house.

A lot of the day was spent playing with Gem, reading or sleeping. I had an afternoon nap that lasted almost three hours, and then had another walk around the block before dinner.

Hercie gave me a lovely DVD for a Valentines present. It’s called “Tornado”. She really surprised me with that and I am looking forward to watching it soon.

It is also my mother’s birthday. Which I nearly forgot. I phoned her yesterday to chat about the news and then she got upset with me because I said I did not plan to phone her today. But I did phone her and she said she and Mum were out having lunch.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

PS, if you haven’t noticed, I have enabled to option for you to subscribe to my blog via e-mail. This will notify you when I have written a new entry. Something I have done daily for the last week. So subscribe now and don’t miss out 🙂