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Ugly? Not that I think so, but maybe some of you will, by the time you’ve finished reading…

So when last did I write? It’s been a day or two. I finally started playing a game that Barend has been telling me about for so long, called Star Gate Wars. It was easier than I thought, getting to understand it and was lucky enough to find someone almost immediately online to show me the ropes.

Think it’s time to cut back on the late nights, though. Tonight is the second night in a row that I am going to bed late.

My ADSL is almost up and running. Kudos to Telkom for sorting out my line in three days (excluding a weekend). I got the modem this morning, only to discover that my computer does not have a network port.

Let me tell you the story about the modem first. Chris said he knew someone round the corner here with a computer shop. So, we went to visit him on Thursday and he agreed to have one for me the next day, which was yesterday. Friday. I went to his shop at 15:25, just as a huge storm hit, to find it closed. I was annoyed. I sat under a balcony, enjoying the lightning and waited for him to arrive. About 15 minutes later, Michael, our driver, picked me up and still no sign of the guy from the computer shop.

Chris and I phoned him an hour later and he did not answer his phone. Quite obviously, he was not desperate for my business, because he made no effort to find us and claimed that he did not have Chris’ number on his phone. Apparently he had been involved in an accident.

Fine with me, I bought a modem for a little bit more at the Telkom shop at Cresta.

So I got home and tried to install it, with the help of one of the guys working at the House. Only to discover … No network port. Though I wasn’t too sure of that to begin with and phoned a couple friends to ask them to help me set it up. Unfortunately, they were busy.

So, I ended up phoning Marc. Yes, I know. We’re almost divorced. Things were a nightmare last year, but with options running out, he was the best person to turn to. Things are not the best between us and I am still trying to figure out how I feel towards him and where he fits into my life going forward, but I needed help and so I phoned him.

He is going to come round again tomorrow, to sort out my network problem.  I get the feeling that he thinks that we can suddenly be friends again and he asked when we’re going to movies. He also asked that I unblock him from chat. I don’t know how comfortable I am with either idea and things are going to go a lot slower than what he thinks they will, if they happen at all.

I’ll keep you updated …