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LeeubekBelieve it or not, but I am pleased to announce. My life has been so quiet for the last few days that there is absolutely nothing of interest to report.

The last couple days have been so quiet that it’s been a pleasure. I’ve been sleeping quite a bit, but then considering the strange hours I’ve been going to bed, it’s not completely surprising. I have found a new online game to play and I am totally hooked. It’s called Star Gate Wars.

Besides that, I’ve been reading a bit and did a little gardening. I recently bought this plant above at a “stall” at Cresta, between some of the shops. I forget what it’s called, but Rudy said it’s called “Leeu-bek” or however you spell it. It’s a dainty succulent which gets little red buds on it. The flowers never open.

Originally, there were three little plants, growing in some coconut husk in a shell which hung from a hook. I took it out and split it, giving one to Cilia and keeping the other for myself. A third branch broke off, which I stuck in some soil today. I am already seeing roots on it, so expect it to grow too.

Gemma is doing well. Happy as ever. She is biting rather hard these days, but still not drawing blood. After chatting with a couple friends, I learned that I should bite her back. End result, she bites and tries to run, albeit usually unsuccessfully…