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The days are ticking by and it’s getting ever closer to when I get my new Service Dog. 12th June is the big day. For a while, I did have my doubts about getting one … I mean, just to pick things up and carry the odd item.

But it’s actually way more than that. It’s the companionship, and there is just nothing better than having a dog. I love Gemma to bits, but when you want that extra bit of TLC, only a dog can do the trick.

I have now turned my thoughts on how to introduce Gemma and her new roommate when we return home. For some reason, I am thinking that I should go for a very direct approach. Close the window, so she can’t get out, bring in the dog to lie on the bed and shut the door, then wait for Gemma to gain the confidence to come out of hiding and investigate. Does anyone disagree or agree?

I had more energy today than yesterday. Not sure if it was all the sleep, or the Vitamin B injection, or extra liquid. One thing is for sure, I was extra hungry today. So while I have been eating better this week, and a lot less too, I kind of fell off the wagon today.

I did some more cleaning around the room today. Little by little, all the odds and ends lying around are finding a proper storing place. The table where I do fabric painting is almost clear enough to work from again, too. I’ve been looking at the table for days now, but couldn’t think of where to put the junk that was on it.

I also gave my plants their first liquid feeding in about two years. All three African Violets are still flowering like crazy, though I’ve pulled all the stalks from the light purple flowered plant, to encourage new growth. I’ll take a picture of the other plant tomorrow, which is flowering so well.

Now that I look around again, there are actually a lot more empty surfaces than before. Not sure whether it’s all together good or bad or what.

The other thing I am contemplating, is how my new dog is going to fit in my room. I need a food bucket somewhere and you’ve seen the pictures of my room. There just isn’t space. Unless I pack the plastic drawers on top of each other and get rid of two of them … Trying to push those three stacks of drawers closer together just isn’t going to work…