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I seriously wonder how people do not question my sanity sometimes. I just had to burst out laughing, when I thought of the title to this blog entry. I can just imagine how people pretend not to look when I suddenly start chuckling. Wonder if they wonder what I am thinking about… If they only knew!

“Edge of Heaven”. That’s the title of an old hit by Wham, from back in the day. Amazing how I still remember some of the lyrics, too, even though I’ve not heard the tune in ages. Coincidentally, there is also a movie by the same name, from 2007, according to Google.

But that’s just a degree of separation from what’s really been going through my mind. The other title option that I had for this entry is: “Edge’s Heaven”.

Fascination. Fixation. Whatever it is, I still blame my friend, Nate, for sparking my interEdge as Thelo, in Sanctuaryest in Sanctuary. Maybe it was the lateness of the hour. I don’t remember when I watched it, but next thing I knew, I was captivated by this handsome blonde filling my screen. The intense gaze, the rough, rugged look, brushing his hair out of his face. I was hooked. Who was this and where could I find out more about him?

You have to forgive my initial moment of weakness. That bad boy look, the eyes that could lose you in their depth. And the personality. That strong self confidence. Daniel Craig. Stephen Baldwin. Even WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels. There have been several that captured my interest over the years, but none like that night.

My first stop was IMDB. I had not watched the opening credits, so was surprised to find that it was WWE Superstar Edge that had captured my attention. Naturally, I did not recognize him, since I had not tuned in to a show in years. I have never been a sports crazy person and I am ashamed to admit, I likened wrestling to a soapie for guys.

NextAdam Copeland stops were Google and YouTube, where I quickly discovered he had one amazing wrestling career, from which he had been forced to retire, due to injury, earlier in the year. Thank heavens for modern technology, for I don’t think he would have handled life in a wheelchair very well.

I, on the other hand, know no other way of life. I was born with a disability and got my first wheelchair at a young age. Edge, on the other hand, seemed to be accustomed to pushing the limit over and over again. He had recovered from injury at least three times to continue his career. Push it too far again, and he could be pushing himself around in his own set of wheels. That is, if he did not kill himself in the process.

The more I learned, the more I wasWWE Superstar Edge in awe of this guy who seemed larger than life, in every meaning of the phrase. He had come from a single-parent home in a small town, to be on top of the world. Totally fearless, with the courage of giants, he had overcome every obstacle and faced every challenge head on.

Adam Copeland has become my inspiration. Life is short, and I have plenty of dreams that I want to fulfill. There is no time like the present to make them come true. If he can do it, so can I.