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Fridays seems to have developed a little theme, depending which way you look at it. Either it’s a “Funny Friday”, or it is “Disability Day”. So, let’s see how long I can keep the theme going, and which way each week goes.

An old memory popped into mind recently, just out of the blue. Usually, one has an event to trigger the memory, but this was totally random. I even went on to Google and Facebook to remember dates and other activities for that day.

The last Olympics were held in Beijing back in 2008. I don’t remember any hype for previous Games, but that year, we had little banners printed and displayed, and a real festive atmosphere to our area. The pictures were of stick figures featuring different Games, such as swimming, and athletics.

Our area was divided into three rows of desks, and thus, the office was divided into three Olympic teams, with some outrageous names which nobody seems to remember. Some of the events between the team included javelin throwing, using toothpicks and rowing, where several people sat in office chairs, holding on to the chair in front and propelled themselves backwards as fast as possible. It was really funny.

Then there was a wheelchair race. Maybe it it was an office chair race. But anyway, the contestants were myself and Jackie. She sat in this black office chair on wheels while someone pushed her. She borrowed a motor cycle helmet from one of the guys and sat with it on, feet pulled up on the chair.

Before the race started, I checked where the halfway mark was. We had to stop, turn around and come back. I already had a plan in mind. We lined up at the starting point and somebody counted us down. Then, we were off. Of course, Jackie and her counterpart easily overtook me and hit the halfway mark first, then totally overshot it. I stopped dead, threw my wheelchair into reverse, swung round in mid-motion and crossed the finish line just as they crossed over the halfway mark on their return trip.

I was not that keen to compete. I thought it was all really silly. But then isn’t that what having fun is all about? It actually was an awesome day.