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What can I say about a cat? She is still queen of this household and literally, she has Nita and I wrapped around her paw. Who can resist that beautiful face, or her wily charms, when she rolls over begging for a tummy tickle?

The problem is, as soon as you bend over to pet her, she jumps up and scurries just out of reach, until you follow her into my bedroom and catch up with her on my bed. That is what Nita has discovered on several occasions. They seem to understand each other, because Nita warns her sometimes not to move, and it is like she understands, because she stays put!

That’s Nita. I also drop everything when she gives me the look. When her bowl is empty, she sits atop the fridge like a gargoyle and fixes me with a stare. I know then that her bowl is empty and she is hungry.

Earlier today, she got up to one of her old tricks, where she lies between me and my keyboard. Thankfully she leaves me enough space to have the keyboard on one side, so I can type with one hand, and mouse on the other, almost under her. She drapes herself across my right arm, while curled against my chest. She loves it when I let go of the computer to wrap my arms around her and shower her with attention. No chance of picking her up, though. She immediately disappears.

I have been seeing Bandit quite often lately. Gemma has made friends and has no problem with her food being stolen. Not everyone likes Bandit and Cilia would like to see the cat trapped and taken to a shelter. She thinks the cat attacked Daisy or one of the other cats, but nobody else has confirmed this. She also thinks that one of the cats has had kittens. She is convinced it is Misty. Unfortunately, Misty is a neutered male and completely incapable of the act.

Sadly, Cilila is just a shadow of what she used to be. She tires more easily and her mind is not as sharp as it was. But she still gives as good as she gets and we love her dearly.