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If last night was bad, tonight is even worse. I am not joking when I say that I am writing this, taking Yanky for one last trip to the garden and crawling under the covers. I have not rested today and now I am finished.

So much for having an opportunity to lie in for an hour. My mind kicked into gear and started racing through a plan of action for my second project that I intend working on.

Eventually, I got up and actually put the plan on paper – on the computer, that is. My thoughts were ticking over so fast that I forgot much of what I thought as it slipped through my mind.

But the basic plan is there, with the most important basics fleshed out. That would be the research phase. I sort of started researching, while playing my DJ set, but got distracted looking for a song request. After that, it felt like the wind left my sails. My back is sore again, so tonight I am definitely having a very early night …

Goodnight everyone